A Blend From The Best

Go Protein Power is a Health Supplement that aids in Boosting energy levels. It’s made from 100% Cows Milk & the combination of Casein & Whey Protein that help in Building & Repairing Tissues in your bones, muscles, cartilage, skin & even blood.

The Milk Protein is a Complete Protein containing all Amino Acids - required for human body’s Growth, Metabolism & Regeneration, giving you an opportunity to lead healthy lifestyle without having to turn your life around.

  • Omega 3, 6 & 9 Essential Fatty Acids

  • 100%
    Cow’s Milk

  • 3.7% Sugar
    per serve

  • 40% Protein

  • Essential Vitamins & Minerals

Casein Protein Powder - Go Protein Power


  • Higher Quality of Protein
  • Greater Muscle Retention
  • Greater Fat Loss
Whey Protein Powder - Go Protein Power


  • Promotes Muscle Growth
  • Ideal for Muscle Replenishment
  • Improves Bone Health

Why Protein?

  • Essential for

    Skin, Hair, Fingernails, Bones, Blood & Cartilage

  • Essential for

    Producing important Enzymes & Hormone

  • Produces

    Antibodies for the Immune system

  • Aids in

    Carrying Vitamins & Minerals to the cells

Who can drink Go Protein Power? A blend of Proteins that can be consumed by

  • Children Age 1+
  • Working Individuals
  • Homemakers
  • Senior Citizens
  • Go Colo Power - Go Protein Power
  • The 1st company to
    manufacture colostrum based
    natural immunity booster in India

    The power of colostrum helps build immunity, improves digestive system, strength & performance. It helps a patient battling threatening diseases such as tuberculosis, cancer and others. Colostrum is rich in essential vitamins & nutrients that helps in increasing the resistance to diseases.Made from the first milk of cows just after birth, Colo Power having 80% colostrum content is enriched with immunoglobulins and probiotics and has the same goodness equivalent to that of mother’s milk.

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